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Exploitation of Aqueous Sphere ZX4

by Jeremy dePrisco

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Part 01 16:43
Part 02 12:40
Part 03 18:00
Part 04 08:41
Part 05 15:58


"Exploitation of Aqueous Sphere ZX4" is a sci-fi soundscape performed live using a variety of hardware and effect pedals. No computers were used for sound generation or manipulation during this performance.

Recorded on Bandcamp Live Stream on February 6, 2022. This is a direct 24-bit recording from my mixing console (not the audio stream). Some basic cleanup was done, but otherwise this is a fairly raw recording. The material evoked the following story line while listening to the playback:

Part 01
Witness an alien invasion through the "ears" of the plants on a distant planet, Aqueous Sphere ZX4. Pristine wilderness transforms into mechanized mayhem as increasing numbers of landing parties arrive to explore and exploit the terrain.

Part 02
Armies of sonic drilling machines comb the planet's surface to liberate materials for later collection. We hear voices from The Controller, a half organic, half artificially intelligent being. The Controller directs all activity through both digital remote control and audible numeric commands that terrorize the sonic landscape.

Part 03
On-site harvesting and processing of the mined materials proceeds in cycles using a particle beam extractor. After processing, material is loaded onto carrier vessels for transport to the mothership.

Part 04
The carrier vessels dock to the mothership hovering in the sky. Energy and minerals from the harvested materials brighten the ship's aura and produce menacing oscillations.

Part 05
A second wave of harvesting machines arrives on the planet surface. A swarm of robotic mining craft leave the mothership, to repeat the extraction process on a nearby moon.


released February 15, 2022

Jeremy dePrisco - Sound Designer


all rights reserved



Jeremy dePrisco Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jeremy dePrisco is a Pennsylvania musician, composer, performer, and sound artist using improvisation, collaboration, and noise to examine and recontextualize the alienation inherent in media influence, socially constructed reality, conspiracy, and myth.

He works with field recordings, guitar, electronics, synthesizers, radios, found sounds, home-made gadgets, and processed video.
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